Wie aufregend ist der Gedanke, irgendwo auf der Welt ein Wohnmobil zu mieten und sich auf eine fantastische Reise zu begeben? Das ist ein wahres Abenteuer: idyllische, unberührte Natur, kleine Städte voller Leben und Kultur, selbst entscheiden, ob du bleibst oder gehst. Auf einer Wohnmobilreise wirst du die echte Freiheit erleben. Wir von Goboony wollen jedem die Möglichkeit geben, diese Freiheit zu erfahren, oder sie mit anderen zu teilen.

Goboony ist eine Internet-Platform, auf der sich Wohnmobilbesitzer und Reisende treffen können. Ob du dir ein luxuriöses Wohnmobil mit allen Einrichtungen und Annehmlichkeiten, oder einen etwas einfacheren, aber klassischen VW-Bus wünschst: Bei Goboony bist du an der richtigen Adresse!

Das Team

  • Mark

    Mark de Vos


    Kaufte zwei (!) Wohnmobile, welche dann doch nur in der Garage standen, und erfand deshalb Goboony. Früher war er kaufmännischer Leiter einer Auto-Importgruppe, und danach spezialisierte er sich als Unternehmensberater auf Wachstum. Hat ein flottes Mundwerk, sieht die Dinge mit Humor, und tut gerne fünfzehn Dinge gleichzeitig.

  • Foppe

    Foppe Mijnlieff


    Der kreative Kopf hinter Goboony. In der Onlinewelt ist er in seinem Element, und hat schon verschiedene Start-ups auf ihrem Weg von der Idee zum florierenden Geschäft unterstützt. Um es anders auszudrücken: he gets things done! Aber ist auch oft hinter dem Klavier zu finden (er spielt in einer Jazz-Band) oder, wenn die Sonne scheint, auf seinem Segelboot.

  • Nicolas

    Nicolas Koenig

    Head of Development

    Weiß wirklich alles über komplizierte Codes und verzweigte Systeme. Alle technischen Besonderheiten auf unserer Internetseite wurden von seiner Hand geschaffen. Jeden Tag klingt es aus seiner Ecke: „Hey, habt ihr schon das neueste auf unserer Seite gesehen?“ Er hat die Gabe, alles, was sich unsere Kunden wünschen, in praktische Funktionen umzusetzen.

  • William

    William van Tienen


    William is responsible for the Dutch team. He works together with the various team members to make. Together with Margje he is the proud owner of a VW T3. He can be found in the van almost every day, which gives him a sense of freedom even on a normal Tuesday evening.

  • Dorit

    Dorit Sorger


    Dorit is our Financial Controller. She manages the financial administration of Goboony, and takes care of reporting and analysis. To discover new places with a motorhome or a sailing boat gives her the ultimate feeling of freedom. Her most memorable trips have been to Cuba, Australia and New-Zealand.

  • Werner

    Werner van den Bergh

    Head of Digital Marketing

    Schon seit dem Anfang van Goboony mit dabei: Erst als Praktikant, und mittlerweile als COO. Jetzt ist er verantwortlich für alle Abläufe und Unterstützung innerhalb von Goboony. Auch packt er gerne mit an, wenn es um growth hacking und um die freundliche Unterstützung von unseren Kunden geht.

  • Giancarlo

    Giancarlo Laferla

    Back-end Developer

    Giancarlo studied Computer Science at the University of Malta and is now our Back-end Developer. You can always find him at the office with his white headphones on, listening to the best Progressive House tracks. As a native Maltese, Giancarlo knows like no other how nice it is to relax on a sunny beach, with those same headphones on. His dream trip would surely take him to an island on the other side of the world; Bali.

  • Divya

    Divya Shravanthi

    Full Stack Developer

    Divya has a great passion towards computers, and loves working with the development team at Goboony. Coming from the big country of India, she loves travelling the world and exploring new places/traditions. She is naturally curious to learn new things and experiment with modern technologies.

  • Xanne

    Xanne Freesen

    Country Manager NL

    As Country Manager NL, Xanne is responsible for the growth of the Dutch market. Her dream trip is a trip through New-Zealand in a car with a roof tent, but she is also converting her own T3, and she will definitely travel with that.

  • Jeroen

    Jeroen Ducorney

    Country Manager Belgium

    Jeroen is responsible for the Belgian market at Goboony. He is also responsible to arrange partnerschips to get a better foothold in the market. He exercises his freedom by travelling in oldtimers from different countries. So far hehas travelled through Italy with a Fiat 500, and through England in a Triumph Spitfire!

  • Jake

    Jake Stone

    Country Manager UK

    As a seasoned traveller, Jakes goal is to bring the freedom of Goboony to the UK. Jake is responsible the UK. Jakes most memorable holiday was sailing throughout the Adriatic sea. His dream trip would be to travel around Mongolia in a motorhome, but firts he is on a backpacktrip through Thailand, Japan and Australia.

  • Luca

    Luca Galli

    Country Manager IT

    Luca is Country Manager Italy. He loves the feeling he gets when he dives into the sea for the first time every summer. He loved his backpacking trip through Thailand and his road trip along the west coast of Italy. He would love to go to Sicily and Sardinia and Central and South America.

  • Fleurine

    Fleurine Tideman

    Content & Community Manager UK

    Following the completion of her degree in Psychology and Anthropology, Fleurine became part of our UK Team as Content & Community Manager UK. Her most memorable trips have been across central and southern Asia, particularly Nepal which she hopes to return to in the coming years to complete the Everest Base Camp trek. Her ultimate feeling of freedom comes from a trip with no prior bookings or routes set, such as hiring a motorhome in the Netherlands and finding your own journey across the continent.

  • Laura

    Laura Willis

    Customer Care Assistant UK

    When Laura isn’t helping advertisers and travellers in the UK, she enjoys travelling and drinking tea. Her favourite travel memories are visiting the tea fields of Hangzho and the water town of Tongli. She’d love to explore Vietnam next!

  • Mattia

    Mattia Coin

    Customer Care Officer Italy

    Mattia has loved to travel from an early age with the desire to discover new places and cultures. His dream is to visit Japan and most of the eastern countries. He thinks that there is no greater freedom than to travel without thoughts, following the path that most inspires him. For this reason, Mattia is very attached to the quality of the trips of our Boonies, to guarantee them the best possible experience.

  • Roberta

    Roberta Derosa

    Assistant Marketing & Communication Italy

    Roberta is helping the Marketing and Communication of IT. She enjoys photography, writing, cooking and travelling - all of which give her the feeling of freedom. Her most memorable trip was a road trip through Spain. She would still like to visit Indonesia and Japan.

  • Jasmijn

    Jasmijn Kruissink

    Customer Care Assistant NL

    Jasmijn is responsible for Goboony NL’s Customer Service. She feels free when she is able to go wherever she wants to, especially when incline skating! Every vacation, Jasmijn and her boyfriend take their skates with them to take beautiful rides. She hopes to be able to try out camping soon too.

  • Damian

    Damian Appel

    Customer Care Assistant NL

    Damian is working at the customer service of Goboony. His ultimate feeling of freedom is when he is working out in the gym. Another ultimate feeling of freedom for is going on a well-deserved holiday. His nicest trip was a tour on Santorini. In the future he would love to make a trip around Australia.

  • Sarah

    Sarah van Tiel

    Customer Care Assistant NL

    Sarah is working on the Dutch support, sales and supply chain. She experiences the ultimate feeling of freedom when she goes on holiday with friends. The most beautiful journey she has ever made is the tour through Mexico. It seems to her cool to travel around Australia once.

  • Gintare

    Gintare Klim

    Data Analyst

    Gintare contributes to Goboony team as a Data Analyst. She feels free by overcoming her fears and constantly doing things that are out of her comfort zone. The most beautiful trip she has ever made is a trip to the Tatra Mountains in Poland. In the future she wants to go to Argentina.

  • Virginie

    Virginie Delporte

    Human Resources Manager

    Before becoming part of the Goboony family, Virginie worked in venture capital coaching hundreds of startups. Business development is therefore second nature to her. A globetrotter at heart, she has been travelling all over with motorhomes, from the Polar Circle to the Carpathian hometown of Dracula.

Advisory Board

  • Ronald

    Ronald Zwartkruis

    Entrepreneur / Investor

    Ronald has been an entrepreneur since 1999 and has his roots in Online Market Research. After he successfully sold his company back in 2015, with a short break setting up a sharing economy company himself, Parkyourcar, he now is back and acts as managing director of his own company NETQ Healthcare founded in 2008, serving the healthcare industry. As an investor in both Snappcar and Goboony, Ronald utilises his broad experience and network to advise Goboony on their strategic topics and growth. When Ronald is not working he will be mountaneering, a big passion of his.

  • Stan

    Stan Stolwerk

    Managing Director NKC (Europe's largest motorhome club)

    Within NKC is Stan is responsible for vision and strategy develpment. Stan inspires and is a connector, who gives people freedom and responsibility, these traits have been key to his success. With his network and knowledge of the market, Stan helps Goboony from within the Advisory board to grow the company to new heights.


'In the boonies' ist eine Redensart aus Neuseeland und bedeutet soviel wie ‘mache eine Reise, finde deinen eigenen Weg und lass dich von niemandem leiten‘. Das ist genau das Gefühl, welches du bekommst, wenn du mit einem Wohnmobil unterwegs bist. Kombiniert mit zwei Abenteuer- und Wohnmobilfans, Mark und Foppe (Gründer von Goboony), die sich auf einer Wohnmobilreise durch Neuseeland kennen lernten, war die Idee für Goboony plötzlich geboren.

Goboony Dienststelle

Reactorweg 9a
3542 AD Utrecht

+31 85 401 68 32 support@goboony.de

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