Wie aufregend ist der Gedanke, irgendwo auf der Welt ein Wohnmobil zu mieten und sich auf eine fantastische Reise zu begeben? Das ist ein wahres Abenteuer: idyllische, unberührte Natur, kleine Städte voller Leben und Kultur, selbst entscheiden, ob du bleibst oder gehst. Auf einer Wohnmobilreise wirst du die echte Freiheit erleben. Wir von Goboony wollen jedem die Möglichkeit geben, diese Freiheit zu erfahren, oder sie mit anderen zu teilen.

Goboony ist eine Internet-Platform, auf der sich Wohnmobilbesitzer und Reisende treffen können. Ob du dir ein luxuriöses Wohnmobil mit allen Einrichtungen und Annehmlichkeiten, oder einen etwas einfacheren, aber klassischen VW-Bus wünschst: Bei Goboony bist du an der richtigen Adresse!

Das Team

  • Thumb 240 team mark

    Mark de Vos


    Kaufte zwei (!) Wohnmobile, welche dann doch nur in der Garage standen, und erfand deshalb Goboony. Früher war er kaufmännischer Leiter einer Auto-Importgruppe, und danach spezialisierte er sich als Unternehmensberater auf Wachstum. Hat ein flottes Mundwerk, sieht die Dinge mit Humor, und tut gerne fünfzehn Dinge gleichzeitig.

  • Thumb 240 team foppe

    Foppe Mijnlieff


    Der kreative Kopf hinter Goboony. In der Onlinewelt ist er in seinem Element, und hat schon verschiedene Start-ups auf ihrem Weg von der Idee zum florierenden Geschäft unterstützt. Um es anders auszudrücken: he gets things done! Aber ist auch oft hinter dem Klavier zu finden (er spielt in einer Jazz-Band) oder, wenn die Sonne scheint, auf seinem Segelboot.

  • Thumb 240 5af8f98d cb35 4668 9fd5 23b357202044

    Oane Koning Hettema


    A creative entrepreneur for whom ideas seem to flow through his very veins. 1995 was the year Oane discovered the magical force of the internet. This compelled him to found his first company at the art academy: Dizain, the agency that packs marketing strategy into creative ideas with a strong link to online technology. After that he formed other companies and worked on projects for all manner of large brands in the Netherlands. He has since become addicted to the energy of the people of Goboony emit. Oane experiences his ultimate freedom by driving through the hairpin bends of the Alps whilst Andrea Bocelli plays.

  • Thumb 240 team nicolas 2

    Nicolas Koenig

    Lead Developer

    Weiß wirklich alles über komplizierte Codes und verzweigte Systeme. Alle technischen Besonderheiten auf unserer Internetseite wurden von seiner Hand geschaffen. Jeden Tag klingt es aus seiner Ecke: „Hey, habt ihr schon das neueste auf unserer Seite gesehen?“ Er hat die Gabe, alles, was sich unsere Kunden wünschen, in praktische Funktionen umzusetzen.

  • Thumb 240 d8ddcad0 7dd7 410a 8405 0dbdb0e3420c

    Virginie Delporte

    Human Resources & Insurance

    Before becoming part of the Goboony family, Virginie worked in venture capital coaching hundreds of startups. Business development is therefore second nature to her. Her mission at Goboony is international expansion. A globetrotter at heart, she has been travelling all over with motorhomes, from the Polar Circle to the Carpathian hometown of Dracula. However, her ultimate sense of freedom is to have fun at work!

  • Thumb 240 f1155e2a c48d 4301 aae1 988076c23029

    William van Tienen

    Head of Supply

    William is responsible for Goboony’s Supply team. He works with the various supply managers to grow our community of campers. He hopes to spend a year travelling in a Volkswagen camper to discover new places. William already knows where his first destination will be, a drive up to scenic Norway!

  • Thumb 240 team werner

    Werner van den Bergh

    Head of Support & Operations

    Schon seit dem Anfang van Goboony mit dabei: Erst als Praktikant, und mittlerweile als COO. Jetzt ist er verantwortlich für alle Abläufe und Unterstützung innerhalb von Goboony. Auch packt er gerne mit an, wenn es um growth hacking und um die freundliche Unterstützung von unseren Kunden geht.

  • Thumb 240 a23c7bd8 27b8 4620 a088 57ce47644904

    Tessa Akse

    Head of Community

    Tessa experienced her ultimate feeling of freedom whilst on a backpacking trip through Indonesia last year. Having completed her studies in communication, she now works at Goboony where she is responsible for building our community. Her dream is to embark on a trip around the world, a dream that will finally become a reality at the end of the year, when she will spend 7 months travelling through Asia and the Americas!

  • Thumb 240 871a66e2 42ac 4e3f 8b58 fe7355f07c79

    Margje Hoogland

    Content Marketeer

    Having finished her degree in Communication, Margje now works at Goboony. She is primarily engaged in content creation. She has a particular love for Latin America, but thinks the whole world is beautiful. Hitchhiking is her favourite way to holiday and hitching a ride in a motorhome is high on her bucket list.

  • Thumb 240 2551909e 5c36 4147 8902 2187a1681dd0

    Hielke Koopstra

    Data Analyst

    Hielke is our In-House Data Analyst and knows every piece of data. He also contributes to the Support. He has visited many countries in Europe, from Portugal to Czech Republic. Hielke’s ultimate goal is to take a roadtrip across the US from East to West America, or the length of Japan. Until then, he will remain in Europe going on local camping trips and visiting his pet duck.

  • Thumb 240 b4072320 3674 4239 a71d b01facb340fd

    Jeroen Ducorney

    Country Manager Belgium

    Jeroen is studying Automotive Business Management. At Goboony he is committed toincreasing brand awereness within the Belgian market. He also arranges partnerschips. He exercises his freedom by travelling in oldtimers from different countries. So far hehas travelled through Italy with a Fiat 500, and through England in a Triumph Spitfire!

  • Thumb 240 0f7bcab1 fb51 47a2 b1da 63a53ac84a8c

    Pedro Carmona

    Full-stack Developer

    Pedro develops and maintains the Goboony website. He attained a Computer Engineering’s Masters degree from the University of Coimbra, Portugal. He uses his knowledge and experience to help Goboony reach its innovative plans. His goal is to go in a round-the-world trip.

  • Thumb 240 06573ae1 7ccb 440d a623 b9d71fbd099c

    Jake Stone

    Country Manager GB

    Als erfahrener Vagabund, hofft Jake das Freiheitsgefühl von Goboony bis an die Küste Großbritanniens zu bringen. Jake ist verantwortlich für die Sozialen Netzwerke und den Kundendienst im Großraum Großbritannien und hilft bei Übersetzungsarbeiten ins Englisch. Er träumt davon eines Tages mit einem Wohnmobil durch die Mongolei zu reisen.

  • Thumb 240 35417ded 2df8 4339 b6af 72d99e9bc958

    Patrick Magee

    Supply Manager UK

    Patrick is the Supply Manager UK, helping to expand our motorhome community throughout the United Kingdom. Patrick has enjoyed trips such as hitchhiking from the Netherlands to Spain and travelling across Israel/Palestine. His ultimate travelling goal is a road trip through Iran and Central Asia.

  • Thumb 240 20342394 b694 4d2d 9620 d5414f7be37a

    Maria Zazzara

    Country Manager Italy

    Maria is part of the Italian team and is responsible for further growing the Italian market. She deals primarily with content creation, social media and digital PR. She has a degree in Business Communication and Digital Media. She loves foreign languages, travelling and encountering new cultures. Her dream is to go on a trip across the African continent.

  • Thumb 240 8e80eee4 2894 4aca 91ed 6999d6e037a0

    Alice Fanicchia

    Supply manager Italy

    Alice works as the supply manager for Goboony in Italy. She has a degree in Environmental and Development Economics, and a Masters in Environmental Governance. Alice has spent much of her life travelling, and in her free time she coordinates groups around the world for a travel association. Alice spent half year in a motorhome Camping in southern France so is well versed in camper life! Alice has the dream of one day living in a motorhome by the sea.

  • Thumb 240 e1e2fca1 b50a 4ada 8053 55fbfa40fc56

    Stefan van Eijk

    Assistant marketing & support

    Stefan is responsible for our communication through social media. Stefan experienced a huge adventure last year in Athens where he worked with refugees. For Stefan, Being able to make spontaneous choices gives him the ultimate sense of freedom. Discovering new things and meeting new people are other pursuits that he values highly. Stefan’s ultimate dream trip would be to visit Australia!

  • Thumb 240 332b0555 c0d1 4c61 a2c8 2c2c3fb65819

    Valentijn Velthuizen

    Supply Assistant NL

    Valentijn works on increasing our community of motorhome owners in the Netherlands. He is also crazy about traveling, and is certainly well travelled within Europe. From camping in Italy to road trips all the way to Ukraine, Valentine is a fan of adventures on the road with plenty of ideas on where to go next! Touring with a camper through Lapland and to the Northern Cape or a city trip to Tokyo for example.

  • Thumb 240 e924b1cf 5b18 4f52 83c9 e7575a09a87b

    Xanne Freesen

    Supply Assistant NL

    Xanne followed a Digital Innovation course after studying International Business Administration. Part of the Dutch supply team, she welcomes new owners to the platform, and helps them through the hiring process. Her dream trip would be to to complete a round trip through New Zealand in a vehicle with a rooftop tent. Xanne’s ultimate sense of freedom is experienced when she discovers new cities and places around the world.

  • Thumb 240 77cb0212 6104 426c 8358 989734c5fe5d

    Youri Beekink

    Assistant support NL

    Youri studies Tourism Management and he works on support in both the UK and the Netherlands as well as conducting research in conversion optimisation. With a passion for travel and tourism, Youri has visited many places around Europe. His greatest wish is to one day tour Scandinavia in a motorhome. Youri experienced the ultimate sense of freedom when he went on a road trip with friends in Morocco.

  • Thumb 240 cfb9a28a 305d 4b72 978d d1d4397027a7

    Dieke Dijkstra

    Assistant Support NL

    Dieke is part of the Customer Support department of Goboony. In addition, she conducts research on customer satisfaction on the site. Her most beautiful and memorable trip so far has been to Java where she was blown away by the people and natural splendour of the region. After completing her studies, she wants to broaden her travels around Asia with places like Vietnam, Cambodia and Sri Lanka being high on her list. Dieke’s ultimate feeling of freedom is simply being on holiday; which is why she wants to discover more of the world.

  • Thumb 240 78ad1663 e429 4555 9500 21b310dd221f

    Fauziah Stefania

    Supply Assistant NL

    Fauziah is currently doing a degree in Business and since joining Goboony has become heavily involved in the implementation of the CamperHotel. She also helps in the development and delivery of several other projects within Goboony. Fauziah loves to travel, and enjoys routine trips Egypt. her most memorable journey was a holiday in Aruba! Enjoying the sun, sea and beaches is her ultimate idea of relaxation.

  • Thumb 240 e84ecf6a cd1b 4412 8e2e b28d516d9ffe

    Daisy Tiemissen

    Assistent Marketing en Communication

    Daisy is the Marketing and Communications Assistant. Daisy’s favorite spots are wherever the weather is warm and the food is good. Her ultimate feeling of freedom is when she gets in her car without a plan and drives without a final destination. Daisy’s dream trips are around America, Australia and New Zealand.

Advisory Board

  • Thumb 240 fdd0957c 90af 490d 9a15 c14f648a35e7

    Ronald Zwartkruis

    Entrepreneur / Investor

    Ronald has been an entrepreneur since 1999 and has his roots in Online Market Research. After he successfully sold his company back in 2015, with a short break setting up a sharing economy company himself, Parkyourcar, he now is back and acts as managing director of his own company NETQ Healthcare founded in 2008, serving the healthcare industry. As an investor in both Snappcar and Goboony, Ronald utilises his broad experience and network to advise Goboony on their strategic topics and growth. When Ronald is not working he will be mountaneering, a big passion of his.

  • Thumb 240 74479213 1c73 4488 9cb3 d554b404d4ca

    Stan Stolwerk

    Managing Director NKC (Europe's largest motorhome club)

    Within NKC is Stan is responsible for vision and strategy develpment. Stan inspires and is a connector, who gives people freedom and responsibility, these traits have been key to his success. With his network and knowledge of the market, Stan helps Goboony from within the Advisory board to grow the company to new heights.


'In the boonies' ist eine Redensart aus Neuseeland und bedeutet soviel wie ‘mache eine Reise, finde deinen eigenen Weg und lass dich von niemandem leiten‘. Das ist genau das Gefühl, welches du bekommst, wenn du mit einem Wohnmobil unterwegs bist. Kombiniert mit zwei Abenteuer- und Wohnmobilfans, Mark und Foppe (Gründer von Goboony), die sich auf einer Wohnmobilreise durch Neuseeland kennen lernten, war die Idee für Goboony plötzlich geboren.

Goboony Dienststelle

Groenewoudsedijk 41
3528 BG Utrecht

+49 451 12 109 749 support@goboony.de

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